Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 2

Today was the ayodhya verdict and this made me to put off all my plans. I was not worried about any riots or any such things but the sheer volume of security personnels on the road made me thing twice and also the chances of petrol bunk and other utilities made me decide to stay in Karunya and call off the rest of my trip. Also me in my riding gear and cramster saddlebag I'm bound to be stopped at most of check posts. The main problem is C5 has a range of 375km at best. Now that's a bummer considering most of the C5 customers are tourers. Surely we need atlleast 25litre capacity fuel tank so that we can cover 600+ km in one go. First I wanted to clean my bull. Took her to siruvani watercrossing and cleaned her up. Anyways wanted to make the best of the situation of decided to go for a ride to siruvani dam. Normally this is off limit to public. Luckily one of the engineers was present at forest department office. I begged and pleaded to give me permit and after half hour of begging they allowed me provided I leave my camera behind. I was so excited because the ride is 18km through pristine forest with teak trees on both sides. The ride was better than expected. Came back collected my camera and went to siruvani falls and spent couple of hours there enjoying the ice cold pure water. FYI siruvani water is one of the world's best naturally available water. Now you know whats the fuss is all about. Tomorrow I'm riding back to chennai.

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  1. awaiting your pics .. :) all the best for rest of ur trip ..


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