Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 1

The initial plan was to start 3 in the morning but the sleep got the better of me. I missed the alarm. Woke up at 4 and I hit the road at 4.30. With the 3 hids lighting up the road I felt like I was riding at noon. Took the best route and it was the bangalore highway. Maintained a steady pace of 80kmph. The bull feels at home at this pace, cruising along with a third of the throttle. didn't want to stress the machine or me. Reached vellore in 2 hours with the sun cracking up the dark sky in the rear view mirrors. Had a tea break with the onlookers staring at me because of the riding gear and a loaded bike. Reached krishnagiri by 8:30 and decided to top my bull up. I had used about 9 litres of fuel. So the average was 31kmpl. I decided to take the route via mettur. Boy that was a good choice. The roads were great and scenic with greenery on both sides. Reached coimbatore at 2 pm. On my way I felt a burning sensation on my leg. When I checked it was a bee which stung me through my jeans at 80kmph. grr.... Checked into a lodge near Karunya and off I went to meet by lecturers. Man felt so good to be back after 5 years. Later met a couple of friends and had a long chit chat with some ice cold beer. Now its time to get some sleep.

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