Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preparation for the ride.

In another 5 hrs I'll be starting my longest motorcycle ride ever. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. Since I couldn't get anyone who was free during this time to join me I decided to do this solo. So this makes it all the more special. I started preparing my ride for this ride for the past one week. I serviced the bike and checked everything is in order. Since RE Classic 500 EFI is a new vehicle in this market the spares are a bit difficult to find.

Following are the things which I'm carrying for this ride.
  1. Spare accelerator and clutch cables.
  2. Spare front and rear tire tubes.
  3. Jerry can with about 100km worth of petrol.
  4. 1 bungee net and 2 bungee cords.
  5. Cramster colt saddle bags since I have a up-swept exhaust.
  6. All original documents.
  7. AGV helmet.
  8. First Gear riding jacket and gloves.
  9. Sketchers shoes.
  10. WD-40 spray and Motul chain lube.
  11. And of-course my camera. (Olympus SP 570UZ)
Even though I feel that I'm prepared I am little nervous. But I'm sure this nervousness will go once I hit the road.
I'm looking forward for an exciting trip.


  1. If not you, who can make it dude!!
    All the Best!!

  2. Happy Journey. Ride safe. Expecting pic and performance...

  3. Awesome check list. Looks like a spec. of a device :) (Sorry about being technical here)

    All the very best!

    Enjoy the ride and the thrill that will accompany you!


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