Thursday, September 29, 2011

The months that were...

It has been a while since I updated anything on this blog. I want to say that I was busy but unfortunately no one is going to believe that. So lets simply say that I was lazy. A lot of things happened since my last post. So let me get myself upto speed now.

Just after RM 2011 ride to Kolkata the Madras Bulls was covered by a french team for their documentary. Even though the footage was very little its always nice to see us in it. Hey any publicity is better than no publicity. Here is a link to the video and please note it is in French.

Then the biggest surprise happened. Motor Vikatan, a leading regional auto magazine covered by Kolkata ride. Man that was a surprise. I'm sure most of you won't understand Tamil but again something is better than nothing.

Following month I was made moderator of Madras Bulls. It is an honor because you can proudly say so but its a nightmare because the 9th anniversary of Madras Bulls was on the month of May. Organizing an event for a group of 150 bikers is a nightmare!!! But somehow managed to get it done with a lot of help from other members.

In the month of April, 2011 my favorite mathematical law, "Law of averages" caught up with me. If you are riding so many kilometers you are bound to crash and the probability of a fall increases with every passing crash free mile. It happened in the month of May on our way to Sathyamangalam forest to celebrate KTMC's 5th anniversary celebrations. It was a scary crash atleast that is what I'm told because from were I was sitting everything happened so quickly. The bike low-sided on a curve and my bike and I flew in two different directions. Luckily it happened at a remote place with no traffic and finally all the money spent on the riding gear paid rich dividend.

Two weeks after this incident I wanted attack the ghats once again and boy what a ride it was. Thanks to Trooper, Kaushik and Pelu. We were tired of riding on arrow straight highways so decided to head to the hills. The route took us from Chennai-Sathy-Coimbatore-Valparai-Chalakudy-Munnar-Kumily-Thekkadi-Theni-Trichy-Chennai.

My work took me too Toronto, Canada for the more than three months and everything was put on hold. In the months I was there I could think only about hitting the road again. I was off the road quite literally from May to September and during that time public transit was preferred mode of transport not by choice but due to lack of options.

I finally hit the roads with the gang last week on a day ride to Gingee fort and found myself lacking ride fitness. My butt starting burning, my back started giving up, the heat was getting to me but the only thing that didn't change was the urge to keep moving. Will be hitting the rode again next week to celebrate the 10th anniversary of RTMC at Ooty. But as usual the route is going to be a long one. Chennai-Trichy-Kumily-Kumarakom-Ernakulam-Munnar-Ooty-Chennai.

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