Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 3

A vibrating phone woke me up this morning. It was my friend from Bangalore giving me the updates about the situation. He said everything was fine and if I want I can come. Now confused I decided to go for it. and complete my round trip. Started at 10.30 am to Bangalore and stuck to my initially planned route. The thought of negotiating a total of 50 hair-pin bends made me very excited. Reached Ooty at about 1pm. Nothing special about route except for 14 hair-pin bends. But descend was the best. Decided to come down through Masinagudi. 36 hair-pin bends. Bloody hell some were real steep thought I would fall over the handle bar when I braked. Had to work the gears pretty hard to keep the bike in low speed. After that the route took me through Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve and Bandipur forest. Man it was heaven and I felt like God. Clean air pleasant breeze and greenery everywhere. Saw few spotted deers and a couple of elephants. I didnt want to stop  because I was running late because negotiating 36 hair-pin bends took a lot of time. Reached Mysore by 5pm. I kept riding towards Bangalore but it started raining. Put on my raincoat and kept riding until it became really difficult to see as the glare of the on-coming vehicles started blinding me at places where the centre median was not that high. I decided enough is enough. Tilted one of my HID lights up and that didnt the trick :) Reached Bangalore (Sarjapur) by 8pm. It was one of the longest time I have spent on the saddle, about 10 hours. Phew my back was fine but my bum lost its senses. The back of my neck hurt big time. The AGV helmets are pretty heavy and plus the wind blast is not helping. I have to look for a lighter or more aerodynamic option. For now some Vodka should do the trick.

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  1. Thank God, you have managed to reach safe :)


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