Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 4 - Final Day

Met couple of my friends and had a sumptuous and delicious lunch. The lunch made my start back to Chennai a little late. I started from Bangalore at 4pm and after filling fuel I hit the elevated highway. Whenever I tried to red-line the bull it felt like it was getting chocked for air. So decided to try out something. The road was pretty clean and dust free so rode with my air-box open. Free flow baby... free flow. Man the characteristics of the bike changed drastically. The thump turned into a roar and it was revving pretty easily. Rode the entire elevated highway like this and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I'm seriously considering to change to K&N filter. I personally feel that the air intake in itself is flawed as its not able to supply enough air at higher speeds. Anyways thoughts on that later. I had to pay 20/- as toll for using that road which I feel is absurd and ridiculous because I never come across any other place except Elevated highway and NECE road. I have been on better roads and no tolls for two-wheelers. Crossed Hosur in a jiffy and a bad thing happened. I dosed off for a couple of seconds. The lunch was really getting to me. Quickly stopped in a petrol bunk which incidently had Cafe Coffee day. Had a King Cappuccino and I was feeling vigilant now. Decided to up the tempo a bit to make things more interesting. I pushed my speed from 80kmph to 95+kmph and there was no looking back. Reached home by 9.30pm. 5 hours from Banglore. There are lot of things to say but I'm too tired now. Rest later. 

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