Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days before Rider Mania

Rider Mania is around the corner and what does this mean to us? It means sleepless nights... Working on presentations, preparing the bike, working out the ride plan, getting the riding gear ready and many more... This also means the week before RM is the least productive week at the office. Your boss is breathing down your neck to get the job done before you go on leave and you feel like giving him the finger and ask him to leave you alone. Many of my friends have asked, "How do you feel when you go for a ride?" I guess the answer should be " I feel alive!!!". But nothing prepares you from anxiety attack before a RM ride. It doesn't matter its your 1st RM or your 10th you get sucked into this feeling. But at the end of it all these feelings put together is what makes Rider Mania so special.

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  1. Am owner of DS500 with 2 month experience :)
    yes you are right!


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