Thursday, February 18, 2010

Royal Enfield sees huge order backlog in its Classic 500 retro bike�-�WheelsUnplugged Automobile Industry News

Royal Enfield sees huge order backlog in its Classic 500 retro bike�-�WheelsUnplugged Automobile Industry News

There are reports that Royal Enfield's recently launched Classic 500, priced above Rs. 1 lakh, is witnessing a huge backlog in its orders. Globally, the Classic 500 was launched in European markets in October 2008 and has now been made available to Indian customers, while Classic 350 is a new launch mainly for the domestic market. The retro-look bike has been designed keeping in mind Royal Enfield's British character with the company's design team worked in close collaboration with Xenophya Design, UK. The engine was engineered in Italy while the fuel-injection system has contributions from Japan. It is to be mentioned that Classic 500, benefit from improved reliability and modern components (e.g. electronic fuel injection), stimulating demand in overseas markets. Its heavyweight models, which are homologated in Europe and the US to meet their specific rules and regulations connected to emissions and safety, is being tweaked to meet Indian conditions also.
"Orders have been beyond our expectations and we have a back-log of 3,000-4,000 bikes in the domestic market and around 2,000 for export. We will be able to clear up the backlog only by June-July," a senior official was quoted as saying to PTI, adding that the company has delivered over 1,000 units of the Classic 500 in the Indian market since the bike's launch in November last year.

Just when the model got rolled out during Nov’09, the company’s official spokesperson had stated, “We are in the process of attending to all enquiries which has come through the web, telephone, walk-ins and it is very early to predict the future bookings at this time and we can give the guestimate by month-end.”

Shaji Koshy, head, sales and marketing, Royal Enfield India, had earlier told reporters, “While other bike players are shifting gears towards mainstream our appeal is towards leisure, relaxation and travel. As of now, we have no plans to open other segments or capacity.”

According to Royal Enfield’s recent official release, “The reverence for motorcycle designs from the Royal Enfield stable is one of the reasons for its cult status. The ‘retro’ look of the Classic 500 is inspired by Royal Enfield’s –‘J2’- a model that shot to prominence around the early 1950’s. The colour ‘classic green’ – inspired by colours in vogue during the acme of the British motorcycling era – gives the Classic 500 a distinct yet timeless aura. The technology is avant-garde with enhanced combustion and tight caps on emissions. So, the ‘classic green’ also epitomises Royal Enfield’s commitment to a greener environment.”

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