Saturday, December 12, 2009

My review on Yamaha FZ

It’s about an year now since I got on to my FZ... So far it’s an exciting drive.

The idea of this blog is to share my good and bad (not many though) experience with you.

As I am writing this, I am as excited as I was, when I bought this bike. But there are still few points which are to be noted to keep the speedy ride going good.

FZ Design – This was my first consideration to purchase a bike and all I have to say is, Amazing Design... Believe me, while riding (or) on halt at any signal, most of the heads turn to you and no wonder if someone asks you about the bike’s performance. That explains everything. You will realize that all of a sudden you start feeling like you are the brand ambassador of FZ.

FZ Mileage – The next obvious question which comes to our mind while taking a decision on purchase. Guys, this is Yamaha and I see these new FZ series and Fazer are next generation of RX 100 (thought RX100 is the king of the roads and you can never get the sound effect similar) and if you are riding one these bikes for pride and passion, mileage should be the 3rd priority in your consideration of purchase decision after price factor. Still you can gain better mileage if you managed to maintain the bike just by giving it to regular services. I manage to get 40+ KM/L and I don’t see a reason why you can’t get it.

Caution: In the few cases that I saw, FZ front disk break holds the tire and thus it produces friction while the bike is on move. To verify this, you have to make the bike stand on center stand and try rotating the front wheel or take a small drive without applying front break and touch the front tire disk, you can feel It is warm. This happens when the disk is applied at a very minute level by default. You can get this adjusted to some extent which could help you on a smooth ride and also helps in mileage factor.

FZ Safety (Crash Guard) – You normally don’t see a crash guard for FZ series. But as far as I noticed, for FZ16 & FZS bike’s handle bar would act as crash guard. I believed this only when I fell from bike twice. But having a crash guard would help the bike not getting damaged.

First time when I was down with FZ, it was a strange experience. I wanted to avoid a speed breaker and I went to the corner of the road which has lot of dry sand. As we know the bile skids slightly on dry sand, I was cautious and slowed down. When the rear wheel was passing through sand, it got stuck in it due to its weight and width which made me lose my balance and the next min I was on the ground with the bike with a blinking face realizing what happened. The good part was, I was under the impression of leg getting hurt if I met with an accident, before buying the bike. But this was the first time I was proven wrong.

In the second instance when I was grounded again by some nasty situation, I was safe without any hurts. But had a crash guard been there, I would have saved Rs 3500/- and time for the damages caused as my indicator holder got broken which would require headlight doom to be changed, there was a fork bend and silencer was having pretty bad scratches.

You can fix a crash guard as few dealers provide it, which would be in the shape of butterfly (similar to Splendor). But, it’s the question of bike look and feel.

That’s all for now folks. Keep monitoring the blog regularly as my next one would be about my FZ long drive experience.

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